Saturday, 18 February 2012

What kind of shop are we?

I think because we don't sell pretty flowers and are girly things customers can sometimes not understand us and say our store is  masculine. That's okay though I guess that's one way of describing what we do. I'd say more utility/practical were trying to shy away from colour and introduce a more organic colour scheme. We are really happy with the way the shop is looking at the moment.

I think we have tried in the past (before the fire) to sell things that will just sell. It never really represented our style. Surely our shop should be part of us and tell you a little about our lives. Of course its nice to sell pretty things but we should really only sell items it if we would buy therm for our own home surely!

(By the way we rent our house so a few things we buy are for our one day bought house).

We do this now by incorporating a mix of eclectic and unusual finds alongside useful and practical gifts.

Display Ideas

The idea of using items in a different way that you are meant to has always fascinated me. For instance ladders used as bookshelves, and crates for shelving. It seems people are really starting to understand where we are coming from! Check out these crates from the blog below. We already have some in store but I do get crate envy when I see them stacked up and looking so lovely like this.

I also love this shelving its slightly Indian inspired with an industrial look too. Have a look at this blog. The photography is stunning and captures time and the moment really well. I love it.

Oh Oh this gets me very excited the use of an old laundry basket for cushions in store.

laundry basket, and cushions

I'll find some more and post in my next blog but I best get back to work as I've got a shop to run :)

Words, Letters and Screenprinting

By My Favourite print at the moment!

Everyone knows how I surround myself with words, letters and print. I don't know how it happens but I am always drawn to them when buying for the shop and decorating my home. Whether its quotes or catchphrases I love it all.

Below are a current selection from the shop but I have been  placing a few orders with and there are a few exciting ones on that order.

Raw Xclusive Framed Chair Print £55

I Spy Print by The Keep Calm Gallery coming soon!

Bold and Noble World Map Print Unframed £63 Available in Grey or Slate.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Not On The High Street

Im not sure if you know but we have been a member of NOTHS for about 2years now. Its proven to be really good being part of that company and really raises your profile as an independent shop.

We try to put products on there that really say something about our store so we have to choose really well so those products give you an overview of what we like to sell.

Obviously its valentines on Tuesday! (fellas hurry up) so our current best seller online is Its really nice without being over the top and too slushy and its not all pretty and pink which isn't us either.
East of India, Happy Ending Picture £14.00

Our greetings cards are proving to be a success, now were all fully stocked again! Our favourite says " I love you although I pretend to have your taste in music! " ha ha ha ha ha

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Stock Arriving!

Its always nice once Christmas and New Year have gone away and the shop can be itself again! I mean its lovely having it dressed for Christmas but there's nothing better than a Spring clean and a good de-clutter both at home and in the shop actually.

I had a really good motivational day on Friday tidying and just seeing where we are up to and what needs reordering. So that's what Ive done this week, the best bit, checking out new suppliers for something just that little bit out of the ordinary. I think people come to expect it of us now. We aren't that shop that play it safe we like to take risks and bring a lot of what our personal style is to the shop, so don't expect flowers and lace!

At the moment we're working on making upstairs... full, for one thing! but we are also creating a wall of our favourite prints and pictures ( see below for some examples) Ive always had a fascination for print, screen print mainly as that's what I specialised in at uni. So you will see a lot of the art we sell a reflection of my taste and style. Very excited about that!

I don't know if anyone knew but since the middle of last year Cox & Cox one of our favourite online stores are now supplying some of their products as wholesale which means we can now purchase their products in shops like ours. That's exactly what you can do in fact as we placed an order recently which is due to arrive next week yippee!!

Take a look below and see what you think event leave a comment.

Our latest supplier Cox & Cox

Numbered Glass Votives
We know you love our mercury glass silver products, so we have designed these exclusively for you. We also know that numbers are the graphic everybody wants this year, so we have combined the two. You could trawl the markets and not find anything so desirable. Set of 3.

Glass Lamp Base and Shade

The base is finished in beautiful and delicate translucent mercury silvered glass with a floral design. The shade is in black cotton with a reflective gold interior to give a warm romantic glow. Simply exquisite and exclusive to us.

Carved Angel Wings

This beautiful and exclusive pair of hand-carved wooden wings look heavenly on any wall. Would look wonderful above a child’s bed and equally stunning on a plain plaster wall. Limed wood, carving may vary.

Linen & Velvet Cushions

A range of absolutely delicious and self indulgent luxurious cushion covers in a choice of four colours. With a lush soft velvet front and a linen back, fastened with mother-of-pearl buttons. Matching other products in our latest colour range. Exclusive to us. Hand-wash or dry clean only. Cushion Pad available separately.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Our First Post on Our New Blog

We have been inspired by our close friends and neighbours Erica and Justine at to create a brand new blog. We attempted one a couple of years ago but I can say it didn't really reflect our sense of style and true feel of our shop and personal style. Our Online Shop

We'll be posting photographs and feature some of our favourite places to be inspired. Feel free to get in contact or leave us a message to tell us what you think.


Jenny and Guy

Greetings Cards

We always get plenty of comments on our cards. I must admit we do find it hard to do the buying for cards as Knutsford has so much choice, but we've got some really good solid companies on board including who's cards arrived today.