Saturday, 18 February 2012

What kind of shop are we?

I think because we don't sell pretty flowers and are girly things customers can sometimes not understand us and say our store is  masculine. That's okay though I guess that's one way of describing what we do. I'd say more utility/practical were trying to shy away from colour and introduce a more organic colour scheme. We are really happy with the way the shop is looking at the moment.

I think we have tried in the past (before the fire) to sell things that will just sell. It never really represented our style. Surely our shop should be part of us and tell you a little about our lives. Of course its nice to sell pretty things but we should really only sell items it if we would buy therm for our own home surely!

(By the way we rent our house so a few things we buy are for our one day bought house).

We do this now by incorporating a mix of eclectic and unusual finds alongside useful and practical gifts.

Display Ideas

The idea of using items in a different way that you are meant to has always fascinated me. For instance ladders used as bookshelves, and crates for shelving. It seems people are really starting to understand where we are coming from! Check out these crates from the blog below. We already have some in store but I do get crate envy when I see them stacked up and looking so lovely like this.

I also love this shelving its slightly Indian inspired with an industrial look too. Have a look at this blog. The photography is stunning and captures time and the moment really well. I love it.

Oh Oh this gets me very excited the use of an old laundry basket for cushions in store.

laundry basket, and cushions

I'll find some more and post in my next blog but I best get back to work as I've got a shop to run :)

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