Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fabulous at 30 at the Great John Street Hotel Manchester

My card from one of my best friends Louise!

I was lucky enough to be able to book into The Great John Street Hotel in Manchester last week for my 30th Birthday! I searched everywhere looking for the perfect place to have afternoon tea with my Mum and Sister last week. 

We had already been to the Hilton Hotel last year for Mums birthday which was lovely but we wanted a change. Various places offered afternoon tea including The Midland Hotel, Harvey Nichols 2nd Floor Restaurant and Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel. For different reasons and various feedback I decided to Google The Great John Street Hotel, My friend Louise had previously used the hotel for a fashion photo shoot a few years ago and she was in love with it ever since!
I wasn't disappointed with the website and only hoped the Hotel itself lived up to the photos.

It Did!

I think my Mum was wondering where I was taking her as we wondered through Spinningfields to get to the hotel. As we walked round the corner, Wow! We were in front of a big door with the initials GJS we we were here!

Greeted by a lovely young girl who made you feel right at home. She took our names and led us to our reserved table in The Library area. Sitting alongside business men and women, couples and girl friends it was a nice mix of people. We didn't feel out of place as we cosied into the beautiful chairs. After all that shopping we needed a sit down!

The Library area
Love the wallpaper!

Soon the waitress brought over a tray with large silver teapots full to the brim with tea and my sisters tall latte. After a sip of my tea we looked up to see a huge cake stand bursting with finger sandwiches (no crusts of course), a lovely assortment of cakes and warm scones yummy. Plenty enough for all of us.

It was all displayed so beautifully, jams in pots, individual servings of cream and the biggest strawberry's I've ever seen!

Decisions, decisions!
Yummy cakes!
To think I literally booked us in that morning (I left it a bit last minute I know!) They accommodated us amazingly well. It's not recommended though as we probably tested the chef a bit as all the ingredients looked fresh that day.

Everything looked and tasted wonderful. We really enjoyed every mouthful.

After eating I asked if we could take a look around as I knew it was such a lovely place I just wanted to have a bit of a nosey. 

The Great John Street is such cool place. You can see why its a boutique hotel. Its right up my street in the way its decorated. Very unusual and quirky, some utility/industrial furniture mixed with bright luscious fabrics for that feminine touch.

Here's just a few pictures I took on my iPhone.

Sunshine on the roof top lounge

Lots of clocks
Shoe lasts mounted on the wall, what a great idea!

Overall well worth a visit, We will be back!
and if your lucky enough to stay here one day then I'm very jealous.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Coming Soon!

We have lots of new products coming in very soon.

We are pleased to announce we are the latest stockists for Cubic as well as Scandi-Chic and Thornback & Peel Take a look below at the amazing new products soon to be on the shelves at House Knutsford.

ThornBack & Peel

We are awaiting our lovely new stock from this fantastic British Company. There designs celebrate all things British and what with the Queens Jubilee coming soon we thought best to provide our customers with some quirky English inspired home decor.

There ranges include fabrics, stationary, napkins, cards,  and wallpaper! 

Simply beautiful! Please check out for her write up on all things T&P.

Photograph from Kitchen Critic Website


This has been one House's favourite products for sooo long! We have known about this company for years and a close friend of ours used to stock it in his shop in Bollington in Cheshire.

Unfortunately we were unable to become a stockist for our town as there was already a shop stocking the product. Things have since changed and after 3 and a half years of phone calls I can now say we have been allowed to become the Knutsford stockist of Scandi-Chic. We are literally over the moon as its so us. The way the products are made, the way they are displayed the colours its amazing! 
Here's a few of the items coming to our lovely store very soon.

I am a mouse and I live in a HOUSE

Matchstick Box Mice Brothers and Sisters.

Princess and The Pea.

More Mice!

Cubic UK

Everyone knows how I love things that make people stop and question what its for and who should I buy it for? Its a great way to start up conversation in the shop. 

I've always loved the weird and the wonderful when it comes to gifts that's why I like Urban Outfitters fun gift department and Pedlars on line. So this company (Cubic UK) I've always wanted to stock but never known if I should. I say that because their products are really fun and gadgety (is that even a word?) Will they even compliment the shop? I thought yes! and after visiting the stand at Top Drawer in London in January we decided to do an order and its really exciting. Here' s a sneak peek!

Letterpress Cookie Cutters
Mr Food Face is hilarious you may have seen this before but I just couldn't resist it. Here he is with no food on his plate, then scroll down!

And now with gravy for a beard peas for a had and mash for side burns hes transformed into Mr Food Face! This should get the kids to eat their greens or at least his hat! ha ha.

Mr Food Face Plate £9.95

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mothers Day Ideas

Mothers Day is fast approaching. 

I'm trying to find some lovely ideas for the shop this year that aren't just the typical gift! 

I love the idea of the American Mason Jars filled with simple flowers such as Daffodils or Tulips. Have a look at these beautiful photographs from

This blog has some lovely ideas for these mason jars. 

Have a look at

Emma shares the same love of these jars as I do. Her photographs show easy way to display flowers in the most simplest of ways. See below for more ideas.

I'll continue to write more on this post soon. Ill find some more Mothers Day inspiration and get back to you. Inspiration