Friday, 27 April 2012

Design Inspiration.

We always look to photography and various blogs to be inspired. Its a great place to view ideas and speak to like minded people.

The idea of styling a room with items that are shabby chic is now extremely popular and a typical style you are likely to see is Laura Ashley or other high street stores.

I wouldn't say my style is shabby chic but a mixture of all styles grouped together. (basically I don't know what i like ha ha) I guess I am eclectic? mixing together pieces from all different era's and countries.

Here are a few of my pins from my board on Pinterest which will help understand the love I have of all things old, reused, recycled and most of all reloved.

My Dream Living Room

My Dream Dining Room

Mixing textures together. 

Love, Love Stenciling!

My Dream Kitchen

I think this is the kitchen from Sophie Dahls cooking programme. It keeps getting ever so slight changes.

I really want a work bench that has been transformed into a central Island.

My Dream Stairs

Numbered Stairs

Crates made into steps!

My Dream Bedroom

Greys and Whites.

Clean and simple
Distressed pallet head board and stripe bedding.

Raw wood and metal.

Next Time: Bathrooms and home accessories


  1. Hi Jenny, I found you through The Snowdrop Project, I love your blog; I'm a massive Amanda Bartlett fan. And your shop is great too - looking forward to having a leisurely browse through both. Have a great weekend. Hugs, B x

  2. Hi B,

    Just been over to have a peek at your blog, WOW! Im really jealous. Your photographs look stunning and the colours look beautiful.
    Yeah I thought I'd show people a home which I can only dream about. I rent so unfortunately wood chip isnt in vogue at the moment. Anyway lovely to speak to you.


  3. Hi Jen,
    Great images.
    If only it was as easy as plucking images from Pinterest. We'd all live in our dream homes!
    Have a great day.

  4. Ooooh How exciting - I've just found you and I see that you have a shop as well - a double whammy - brilliant! I'm totally with you when it comes to interiors - I'm a bit English Country House, a bit faded French, a bit Shabby Chic, a bit Scandi - I'll have a bit of everything really! Lovely images and lovely blog - great to 'meet' you. Paula x

  5. Thank you Paula,

    I have a look at your photographs of your beautiful home. It looks fabulous! I have house envy!!
    Yeah we have a shop in Knutsford, Cheshire but because we still rent its a good place to let my hair down with our eclectic style. A mix of shabby, scandi, english, industrial charm?!

    Lovely to speak to you. Jen x

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