Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Jubilee Celebrations

Hi guys sorry I haven't been around to blog for a while, its been a busy few weeks in the shop. I often wish I had a twin who shared the same interests so they could help out ha ha!

We've been really busy arranging and planning for the Jubilee Celebrations that are fast approaching. As well as this we have been travelling all around picking up cool interesting furniture so we can reopen upstairs(it wont be long now)

Some of the stock we have coming in is really fun and a little bit different. 

Looking for some quirky street party inspiration?

What we're seeing everywhere at the moment are the honeycomb decorations that are available in all sorts of sizes and colours. We have tracked them down and can say that they should be in stock soon!
perfect for the Jubilee, Weddings, childrens parties.

Keep checking the website for details.

Take a look...

White Honeycomb Decorations

Multi-coloured Decorations

These decorations are great because they create such an impact when they are in a room. Display them in a group or individually either way they look stunning.

Here's a few ideas from other bloggers...

I love the photography in this shoot!

Beautiful Wedding Inspiration

They make great window displays

To be continued...


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  2. Your house seriously belongs in a magazine Stacey! Simple as though it may seem, you added the right amount of decor to make everything Festive and so pretty! Love your tree - so you with all the colors and unique ornaments! your table setting is simple enough for any family with kiddos! I bet Zion is all giddy with excitement!!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas dear. Christmas Decoration, Top 10 gifts for Design

  3. they look so cool! you are so talented! :)


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