Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Few of Our Favourite Things In Store

Well how can I possibly choose when everything we buy is bought because we love it well I guess its the items that show my own personal style.

Here are my favs-

Original Reclaimed Letters and Andrew Martin wallpaper.
I just love having words and letters around me. I'm looking our for lots more at the moment as customers keep giving me more ideas.

Things with numbers on. Like this trolley and these tea light holders
  These tea light holders look so cool on my mantle at home. I love mercury glass. I can wait to get the set of three candlesticks that will be available soon.
Anything with typewriters, and bell jars
I love typewriters, cameras and old radios. Basically anything classic and stylish. These are objects that look fantastic when displayed at home. A friend has found be an old blue typewriter that I really must pick up soon!!!

In my next post I will show you some ideas of how to style words and letters in your home.