Monday, 11 June 2012

My Apologies (smiley face)

I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in ages guys! (smacks hand)

We have been busy the past few weeks as we've been working on our new website.
The old one was fine, however we really wanted something that was stripped back featuring our best sellers and our favourite things in store. That way we hope you keep coming back to check out new products that we have found.
Its still in the same place so look here...
Don't forget to mark your favourites to by clicking the Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter icons so we can see what you've been looking at guys!

Its also Fathers Day coming up!

Were known for selling the most unusual of items so we've made it really easy, have a look at our Dad's section for some fun ideas.

Here's a few we love..

Music loving Dads..

 Record Coasters

Or for Golfing Dads..

Golfers Doorstop

Or for Dads who just want to have fun!..

The Shot Gun. Perfect for Drinking games