Monday, 10 September 2012

Here we are again apologising for the lack of posts If only I had another me!

Basically its been a crazy busy few months at House Knutsford We've been sourcing the coolest upon cool of quirky home decor and interiors which are proving to be a big hit with the customers. Now that the kids have gone back to school the word Christmas (shhh its a swear word in September) has been spoken of several times in store meaning its definately on people's minds!

We've got so many products coming in soon its unbelievable! We are especially focusing our attentions on skulls, stars, bracelets, mens gifts and unusual stocking fillers for kids. Anyway enough of whats coming here's whats been selling over the last week!

Picture if you can the top five count down music to Top of The Pops (if you're old enough to remember)

At Five

Eat It Chart by Luckies

Encourage kids (and adults)  to be adventurous in their eating habit, tick or everything they like or don't like  

At Four

Maybe its the price but these scarves are really nice and make great gift!

At Three 

Large World Scratch Map, basically its abit like a scratch card, there are no prices to be won but you can see where you've been on your hols only £17

No Surprise these maps are on the list, an all round best seller!

At Two 

Dachschund mug by Fenella Smith 

We found this beautiful  range by Fenella while surfing the net for new ideas. We had stopped selling Emma Bridgewater and wanted something fresh new and uniqu. We think these do the trick. Watch out for other designs coming soon £17.50 I love his smiley face!


Pickmaster Plectrum maker 

Online its our absolute best seller. So much so that we had x48 delivered one day and had sold out by the afternoon with internet orders crazy!

This clever gadget allows you to cut plectrums (picks) from old plastic bank and membership cards. Free plectrums for life!! only £20

Phew it was a busy week! Next week we'll show you a sneak preview of some of the new products available in store and online.


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