Friday, 19 October 2012

So Excited!

Oh im really excited today as we have just had confirmation that our shop can now be stockists of some amazing wallpaper that we've wanted to stock for ages!
 It's so unusual and fits in perfectly with the House brand as its really industrial in style and unlike anything around. I always liked the idea of having a wooden feature wall, but this will take away all the hassle!
I'd been looking for something to feature alongside our 'Library' wallpaper By Andrew Martin which we bought from Aunty Mabels Seat which looks amazing!

The wallpaper is really easy to hang, simply paste the wall and hang! Easy peesy. The Paper doesn't repeat so you can use all the paper so there's no waste (saving you money)

After careful deliberation we've chosen to go for this one for our wall, what do you think?...

There are so many to choose from I may change my mind before next week! Here are a few others they have. Let me know your thoughts. Prices are RRP £199 and worth every penny for the wow factor!
This nursery has used something similar to create this amazing backdrop, there are so many ways to use it! How about in a kitchen or dining room maybe?

Take a look at their house here, for other cool ideas!

For something different how about these metallic paper Brooklyn Wall Tiles. Very simple to hang and again an instant wow factor every time friends are round. Prices start from RRP £219 per roll. Check out for more info or call the shop on 01565633141.


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